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Who should our next HC be?

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5 hours ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

So I know alot of people on this board are high on Luke Fickell. I know about his success from his time at Cincinnati but I really never truly followed him. So my question to Husker Nation for my understanding what does he bring as a coach? What type of style of offense and defense does he run? Do you think if he is hired he brings his whole coaching staff with him or he knows other position coaches from other schools to where you feel like they can make a impact? Im not trying to knock him in any way just trying to understand. If he does decide to bring his whole staff here do you feel like its another SF situation all over again?


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33 minutes ago, Husker03 said:

Sound's like Prime is in some hot water over a poorly run childrens prep school. He's not likely a candidate at a p5 at this time. That will need to blow over in my opinion. Also undermines his self declared, "I always win," mentality.

Does anybody hear something? Me either.

I mean,  who cares?  He's got his football team winning games.  If he was winning at Nebraska would anyone be saying "but but, the people he put in place to run a school didn't do their jobs".  nope. I really don't know anything about the school but unless Prime was there making these kids kneel on rice as punishment or some s#!t I don't care. 

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8 hours ago, Born N Bled Red said:


His dad, covid, new baby at home, wife...postpartum?, trying to be home to support his new baby mama and the baby and rebuild the team, Akron getting canceled, NIL, transfer portal, the list goes on and on. At some point its quicksand that pulls you under with it. The harder you fight the faster you drown. Ultimately, I think he ended up suffering from depression. 


I'll say over and over. I guarantee he probably wishes he stayed at UCF for 5 more years, until the guy we would have hired in his place had failed. Just wrong time in his life to take on such a huge fix. 

Please don't do this - don't label a women as "postpartum?" just because she has a small child or two at home.  Unless you are her clinician thats not your place.  The fact that she was managing 1-3 little ones (I think they had three this final year) or the fact that she was doing it all alone because her husband was drinking and drugging and screwing coeds in addition to being the most visible man in the state plays no part in him being a failure.  


It' was a HUGE job, and like a lot of people, Scott had a lot going on personally.  In addition to his high stress job that required lots of hours and visibility, he was still choosing to spend time at places besides work or home, and in what sounds to be an "effected" state.   A more mature, less narcissistic person would have tried to find help before the inevitable crash and burn.  I'm assuming some around him personally or at work tried to get him to do this, or at least I hope he had good people in his life that recognized the state he was in.  It would have made for a softer landing for sure. 


Scott's behaviors and decisions were why he got fired, it wasn't because his wife had a baby.

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17 minutes ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

So nobody on Huskerboard can answer my question about Luke Fickell that I posted way earlier? I ask bc Im trying to understand that's all.

You could pull up some YouTube videos of Cincinnati games and see for yourself.  That's just one option 



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