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Who should our next HC be?

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10 minutes ago, Mavric said:


Nothing concrete - not that anything here is.  But he's been floated as at least a possibility more in the last few days.  And not just in this thread.

I’d heard similar from someone reliable last week on Fickell that there was legitimate interest. 

Then there were rumors that there was nothing to it…

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1 hour ago, Red Five said:


I think a bowl game is entirely possible next year.


There are 130 FBS teams.  We play 4 that are currently 111th or worse:


Colorado 126th in SP+

No Illinois 117th in SP+

La Tech 120th in SP+

Northwestern 111th in SP+


Then to make a bowl we just need to get 2 wins from Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Purdue, Mich State, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Iowa.


Assuming we aren't 130th in SP+ that seems pretty doable. At this point, I don't take ANYTHING for granted. :frenchy

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6 minutes ago, Osbourneite said:

Todays leaks came from Cinci's reporters not ours. 

Fickell has been in my top 3 since day 1…. Only behind Chris Peterson… I would love LF, Rhule would be a little bit of a letdown, but he is still so much better than about 95% of the names floated.  He is widely known, track record for turning programs around, HUGE Texas ties, NFL ties, just appeared on NFL network for added publicity…. I can get behind this hire, but Fickell is my guy.

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2 minutes ago, The Dude said:

I don't see many holes in Fickell's resume.  Plus his face is a couple tiers less punchable than Rhule's.


Fickell is also already in Nebraska's record books due to being the coach of the team Nebraska mounted its largest ever comeback against. - That said, he's been my number 1 realistic hire since this started. I'd be ecstatic if it was him. 

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