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Who should our next HC be?

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3 minutes ago, secretasianman said:

Trev finds an old, yellowed piece of paper in the AD desk , with scribbles and faint writing as if it were written in 2003.  “How to rebuild Nebraska football”…. 
1.  Hire unsuccessful former NFL coach after everybody says no.  

Well I hope that isn't the case.  -- the everyone turning him down part that is.    I sure don't want this to be Steve Peterson 2.0

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Just now, BIG ERN said:

Were there any legitimate P5 schools that Luke Fickell has turned down? He is in year 6 at a non-P5 school and went 6-7 in his one year at Ohio St


Cincinnati's Luke Fickell turns down Michigan State football coaching job

Cincinnati football coach Luke Fickell will not be Michigan State's next head coach.


Fickell has decided to stay with the Bearcats, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told the Free Press. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports was first to report the news. 


Michigan State athletic director Bill Beekman and members of the MSU search party interviewed Fickell in Cincinnati on Sunday, but they returned to Capital Region International Airport in Lansing without a new head coach. 



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Did anyone watch Rhule on NFL network? Nate Clouse posted part of the interview on Twitter. Rhule wants to coach again and said it has to be the right fit…. Says he could be a HC again as soon as Monday or next year or later…… interesting….. the fact that he said Monday fits the Platinum board theory

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I will play along.........is Rhule a good fit and or option for this program?  Aranda has benefited from his recruiting.  Can he recruit to a Big 10? 

While I do think he is a good coach, I wonder if he is ready for the work that needs done here.  Coaching is one thing, but developing talent is another.  How long do we think Franklin stays at Penn ST?  I really think that we don't get Rhule and wonder if we really want him if there is a chance he leaves for Penn ST.

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