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Who should our next HC be?

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5 hours ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

I mean, I wouldn't hate the hire, but I wouldn't love it, either.

I hear you.   I honestly don't love any of the options so far.   I think Obrien could be good but who knows.   I'm struggling to picture who would really work here. 

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59 minutes ago, krc1995 said:


I saw this. Isn’t it weird that Moglia would offer up his own coach?  Is Moglia trying to get back to Nebraska?  Wasn’t he some sort of analyst.



If Chadwell gets hired there’s a window for Moglia to make his presence felt around the state and run for Congress. LOL


My take on Chadwell is that I don’t want him anywhere near us until he spends some time in the P5. Go look at the list of schools he’s coached at. Guy has never been exposed to an actual organization. 

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7 hours ago, TiredHuskerFanMWI said:

I don't even like Meyer, probably because I am from Columbus and live in Buckeye hell, but I have thought it over every which way...and really Meyer is the only realistic shot we have at pulling in a guranteed game changer.  Every other trendy coach seems risky, which is why I lean on the ones who have done it for longer than the others like Campbell and Fleck.  

Finebaum offers a reason to hire Urb.  Makes sense.



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8 hours ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:


Meyer should be far and away the #1 target. It's not close.

I agree. With an already stacked big ten with usc coming we need to step up. You would think Nebraska brass would be embarrassed of how we have looked for 20 years. We are supposed to be a blue blood and equals to Ohio state, Michigan, Penn state and usc. But we have not hired like we belong at that table. Sorry but part of why the big ten brought us on is because they thought they were adding another big name to that table 

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42 minutes ago, teachercd said:

Most Husker fans could not handle Bo...and he actually won a lot.


You guys would hate BoB, especially with jus 7-8 wins.

 Doesn't matter who we hire,  we are pretty damn critical as a group.   Strictly comparing resumes,  he looks better than many that people are pining over but again,  I have no clue if he would do a good job here. 

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8 hours ago, lo country said:

I watch a lot of Coastal Carolina and know him from his time at Charleston Southern.  His offense is good.  Not gimmicky.  A lot of 20/21 personnel.  Runs some 2 back sets, motions to the slot, triple option off of RPO concepts.  Balanced attack with passing and running.  Problem would be to develop a D.  Dude is an innovator on the offensive side of the ball TBH.  BUT he is a lesser known guy....And I have seen an "offensive guru" not do well. Only difference, Jamey has been a HC at various spots for about 13 years vs 2.  Lastly, his O is like nothing in the B1G.

This is exactly what makes it perfect for Neb.  We dont want or need to copy everybody else. Then the only way to separate your team is by getting slightly better players or just getting lucky.  Neb never will simply out recruit the rest of the country.  Geography and demographics and logistics prohibit it.  Osborne showed by being unique, NU can win big!   

As I say, either hire the best dam coaches ( recruit and scheme) in the country OR find good players and develop them in a unique and special system.  

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After Frost not working out when that seemed like a great hire and the perfect fit, I really have no opinion on who we go and hire. No one knows how someone is going to work out. Bill Callahan coached in the NFL and took a team to the Super Bowl and he failed here. Mike Riley overachieved at a school with limited resources and came here and failed. Scott Frost was a Nebraskan, former National Champion Cornhusker QB who played under the great Tom Osborne, had great success at his first head coaching job and failed here. So who knows.


With that said, I am not all that excited about the potential of Campbell being our head coach. Granted, he could be great here, who knows, but if we can't get a huge name like a Meyer, Stoops, Aranda, etc. I would prefer we give MJ a shot, especially if he can salvage this season with a couple wins.

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10 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Not sure why everyone is down on Campbell. He took Toledo to being a 9 win program.  He took ISU to be a 9 win program.  Both programs that haven't done anything ever.

It’s mainly his record against Iowa for me. 1-6, with the only win being this year where Iowa has a monstrously inept offense. 

That’s not to say that beating Iowa is the end all be all, but I’d say right now it’s a pretty solid benchmark of where we need to be in order to compete for the West. We’ve had two coaches now that haven’t been able to do it, why go for a third that has already demonstrated he’s mostly incapable of doing so?


Campbell also feels like one of those “He just needs better resources” guys. That’s not a path I want to go down again. 

If Campbell ends up being the guy, I could maybe get on board if he surrounds himself with great coordinators. Otherwise, I think Trev should aim higher. 

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