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Who should our next HC be?

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2 minutes ago, Stone Cold said:

I mean is he a creeper, sounds like a guy going out on a limb trying to get a job hes not qualified for.  Some would call that networking or enterprenuer.  Im not 100% advocating for the guy but lots of people do sleazy s#!t now a days to make money.  Kinda par for the course really.

Might start selling feet pics on here, anyone wanna buy?

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My list today wt my doubts and thoughts:

I see the first 3 as major hires. 

Rhule : but why hold the announcement unless they couldn’t get the contract to work or maybe out of respect for the team and coaches???

Fickell. Would be my favorite over all others. But is his name out there just as misdirection?


Kiffin. I’ve cooled off some on him. Seems a bit “off” of late or is it just his flaky personality?


Klieman. Would be a solid hire but why would he leave what he is in the process of building?


Aranda. Solid hire and could match up well wt MJ. I would not be surprised if he were the guy. The quietness is shouting 


Chadwell. Best of the G5 options beyond Fickell

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27 minutes ago, Stone Cold said:

How is the confirmed.

Trev swiping right on his Head Coaching App? According to sources I have downtown.  But I do not think anything formal was ever set up and we had a coach going into 2022.  Campbell was hot for like a Paris Hilton moment...now he is not.

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1 hour ago, Vizsla1 said:

I will be curious to see how long we have had "our guy'.   I was told, by someone very very close in the contract department, over 35 days ago; we already had him.  I find it very hard to believe that whole department could keep a secret like this - that long.  I just wanted to wet my beak with some legit info on who.


At some point, stories will be written how the "process" was successful and some of the setbacks the were experience etc...  Were we faked out with stories fed to us by "internal sources" or did no one really ever know until the last moment?  If the former is true, then we can expect a very unique hire (Urban/Fickle/ Kiffen/dare I still say Locksley) or  (latter) is it over-coming the Panther's financial obstacles and it is Ruhle?  Either way, the light is at the end of tunnel and we will all know very soon.   It does feel like Christmas Eve with all the speculation.   I just hope when one was opening a large box of a live animal; your parents got you a cat instead of a well bred hunting dog.  I saw two ladies walking their cat on the MoPac trail nd it did not look normal.


I will miss the speculation.anticipation/anxiety eating and drinking like genital warts, yes it was fun while we were in engaged, but I am so looking forward to moving ahead with our guy.  Beat Iowa and GBR.


P.S.  Can we got to 800 before the announcement? This is the finest as semblance of members anywhere.



Honest question. What is the contract department? If they are on the general counsel of the University, there seems to be little way they would share that with anyone

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7 minutes ago, gorp512 said:


Honest question. What is the contract department? If they are on the general counsel of the University, there seems to be little way they would share that with anyone

I write that in hopes you would never ask. lol...so I really can not be too specific on who/what their position is and I apologize for that.  Keep in mind,  there are quite a few people involved in the athletic program- whether they be lawyers/secretarial/administers/interns/regents. People like to talk- except who we have wrapped up now as coach.  But,  something that happened (or was going to happen) a while ago always comes to light in one way or another.   That is why I can not wait to see how our current selection actually played out.... I was reading the Licnoln Riley section story- posted here I think- and it was fascinating how it played out in secret.

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Kiffin is preoccupied with other jobs and twitter.  His flaky side is over the top for me, and would eventually wear on Husker nation as well.


Chadwell is being rumored to take over the Georgia Tech job last I saw.


Klieman is a solid coach, but I don't know if he is ready to move from what he is just getting started........his AD came from North Dakata ST as well.  They have a comfort level.

Sad thing is looking at KSU athletics overall, they are better at almost every sport other than Volleyball than Nebraska........how was this allowed to happen?  If Manhatten Kansas can attract good coaches, whats our issue?  Are we looking for the wrong hires?

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