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Who should our next HC be?

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14 minutes ago, TonkaSker said:

Again, Clemson/Alabama/Georgia/Ohio State aren’t portaling. If you guys wanna win the big ten west sure, but it took Clemson a decade to get in the game with all the talent advantages in the world. 

I think if we can consistently beat the many teams that are in the same position as us then we might have a chance at a silver lining. Maybe then we could attract all four and five stars like those teams.

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35 minutes ago, BoSolich said:

there would be at least some negotiating power with urban given that his image is pretty bad right now. we could probably get him for a somewhat reasonable price if he's interested in coaching again.

It’s not happening there has already been talks within the university Nebraska is not interested in him. I think they should be but it’s not happening. 

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1 minute ago, talaricohusker said:

Funny your saying that when there are reporters saying he has met with Trev 

Isn't it fairly common for an analyst covering a game to meet with the AD of the home team? This seems like a big nothing burger.

Just now, Hayseed said:

I'm talking about right now, what we need to beat the teams that are in the same place as us....and not continue to look like fools.

How do we bring in a competent DC and new LB's right now?

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