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Transfer Portal Targets 2022


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38 minutes ago, mwj98 said:


Yeah thats why I think he would have gotten more offers in high school if he wasn't that heavy.  You got to give him credit bc he wanted more for himself so he lost the weight and got to go to Georgia.  Georgia obviously saw something in him regardless if he ever got to start or play for them.  He got to practice against star caliber players while also learning what it takes to be apart of a winning championship program.  Like I said there hasn't been any indication our current tackles have or will show improvement so what's the next best option bring a new face in.

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18 hours ago, Decked said:

He definitely is gonna need some time to do a body recomp. 

Hey now, I agree, but I just watched this pretty good Christian movie about Burlsworth called "GREATER".  I started watching it while eating a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (a classic chuckleshuffle )  but I kept on watching it all the way through.  Maybe some kids that want to put in the work can find a way?  


Pretty good flick btw.  It's on YouTube TV but also YouTube if you wanna give it a try.  Way better than Rudy.



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7 hours ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

Wow!!!  I wonder why he is decided to transfer so late and since he decided to do it what would be his transfer window to join a university and arrive on campus???  I ask bc I know there is a transfer window football players were given to decide if they were going to or not.

Graduate transfers don’t have the same transfer window restrictions, they can enter the portal at any time.

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