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Transfer Portal Targets 2022


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On 11/22/2022 at 9:02 AM, ColoradoHusk said:

On his podcast this week, Rob Zatechka hinted that Keegan Johnson may be headed for the transfer portal.  Johnson has struggled with injuries this year, and has only played in 2 games.  Zatechka thinks that Johnson has purposely not played in the last few games of the season to preserve his redshirt, and the relationship with Ferentz has cooled from both sides.


If Johnson were to transfer, he would have 3 seasons of eligibility left.  The one thing working against Nebraska is the sour taste that Clester and the Johnson family has had given the lack of recruiting of the 3 kids out of high school by NU.  Johnson may have a better relationship with Mickey, however, I have no clue.


The kid sounds like a pain in the a$$ 

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Just now, SouthLincoln Husker said:

If I remember right, it was between us & iowa.  Clesters comment was something like I will not let my son make a mistake.  Just my opinion, but I think he wanted to be a husker.


From what I remember, Clester definitely seemed to be upset about things from the past and seemed to push him elsewhere.  I don't recall if Keegan wanted to go to Nebraska or not.  My impression at the time was not really but that could have been dad dictating.

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