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*** 2022 Game 3 "Expert" Picks: Georgia Southern at Nebraska ***


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2 hours ago, TGHusker said:

I think Nebraska wins but doesn't cover but I'm concerned that GA South comes in wt confidence (their QB played well against us as Buffalo's QB last year), they won't be intimidated and they will be motivated to steal a game at Memorial Stadium.  They seem to pass well and our D hasn't yet been impressive in the area of pass the rush and there remains some issues with coverage.  


I'm so stupid, I read GA South as "General Admission South" and was like what the hell is this even the same sport

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33 minutes ago, admo said:

Huskers have reached 40 points in a game, 6 or 8 times since 2018 (around 50 games played).  Twice against FCS teams, twice against Illinois, once against Maryland and Minnesota.... (sorry, going off memory from diving into it this summer)


I would love to see this night game in Lincoln become another one.  


Happy if it happens, but won't bank on it.  Can't bank on it.  

56 against NW last year

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Coaches and players have an opportunity to prove that the 4th quarter of the N. Dakota game was not a fluke. 


They will not, of course do that.  But we could win in a sort of stuttery way off and on throughout the game.  We need defense to shine and it doesn't very often at all and we cannot sack quarterbacks and we often have trouble with open field tackles.  Hard to watch. 


We'll win, I guess.  I'm too old to stay awake watching it on TV so I'm going to the game where I'll more likely not fall asleep in the 3rd quarter or so.

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7 hours ago, tmfr15 said:

Looking at this game as one of four more on the schedule where I would be comfortable with saying the Huskers are in position to win. We got North Dakota in the bag. Georgia Southern doesn't appear to have the physical component on either side of the LOS to give us trouble. Then you look at Illinois, Indiana and Rutgers as being below average teams. The match up between Illinois and Indiana was less than inspiring as the Hoosiers came back to win. Other than that, Oklahoma will be physical, Purdue's RB will give us problems again, Mo of the same from Minnesota, Michigan at the Big House is not happening, Wisconsin has a better back than Purdue or Minnesota. Iowa, if you look at last week, would be our "get to a bowl game" opponent... but they're going to get at least marginally better by season's end and we are so snake bit against those guys. Yup... 2-10 as worst case... 5-7 or 6-6 as best case.

Are you drunk, did you even watch football last weekend.  There was nothing about that illinoise and indiana game that screamed pushover.

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53 minutes ago, Stone Cold said:

Are you drunk, did you even watch football last weekend.  There was nothing about that illinoise and indiana game that screamed pushover.

And the bigger issue….Nebraska has not shown any opponent is a potential gimme game. Every game after North Dakota is quite capable of being won by the opponent and/or lost by Nebraska.

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