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Georgia Southern - What did we Learn?

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3 minutes ago, HuskerInLostWages said:

I used to get angry at a loss like this, but since Riley and Frost I just have to laugh now a days.  It's so common that we have become a laughing stock.  I just shake my head and laugh at us now a days knowing that we can actually get lower than we currently are.  This is unacceptable but this is who we are now.  I don't enjoy coming here joking with everyone how bad we are but this is what the program has become, a joke.  If I wanted to support a joke program I could always just got to a UNLV game, we aren't that far off though.

Same here. Struggling hard to care. Apathy is real.

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I learned that Frost would seem like a competent coach if his friend Chinander hadn't sunk him with the worst Husker defense since pre-Devaney,...maybe ever. Riley's was pretty close to as bad, but that's why he was fired too. I don't remember any Husker defense as bad as what we saw today though.
Seems to me the obvious strategy would've been to wear them down by running our stable of great RB's at them and keeping their O off the field.
I think we learned that Frost and Chinander are not needed anymore. I think the loss of Tuioti was huge.

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Our image nationally is way worse than we think.  Fan base included.  We  are not a power on or off the field anymore.  WE will have earn position in the peckng order again.  No one is going to give us anything until we earn something.  Throw all the money in the world at Urban or Stoops, they are not coming here right now.  This job requires alot of work and time hitting the recruiting trails.  Offer them alot of money, offer them what ever they want, but this job is tougher now than ever.  Notre Dame losing today keeps that door open.  They won't wait and see what happens.  If they lose another game or two, Urban will go there next season.  Stoops is not interested in coaching college football again.  Better be happy if we could get Leipold, Klieman, or O'Brien to even listen to an offer.  I think we are further away than ever. 

Truth be told.  We have tried to get bigger names, and have failed.  We have offered to big time guys, and been shunned.  Why did we end up with Callahan?  Pelini? Riley?  Frost is the only guy who wanted this job and it may have cost him a career.   He won games at UCF.  He turned around a program.  He did it with his guys coaching.  Most of them were forced out of here by our leaders or fan base.  We like to beat on him for hiring his buddies, but from what I am seeing his buddies were better coaches than what he replaced them with.  Really, think about it.  At least we won 4 games in one season with Frost's buddies.  No one see's this job as a great one, even assistant coaching positions.  We are not getting elite talent from any angle.  Coaches or players. 

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9 minutes ago, ladyhawke said:

I’m nervous that some of these players we’ve recruited will leave-namely our quarterback. 
I hope not.  If by chance Scott decided to resign or is fired would Mickey Joseph be the interim head coach? 

I think CT is in his last year, I do worry about Allen though, that kid will be specials and I think Grant has another season.  We may get lucky and they stay if we pick up a proven coach, so crossing my fingers.

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