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*** Oklahoma Prediction Contest ***


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  1. Post your prediction (score, passing and rushing yards) for the current game in this thread by clicking on the "Submit Reply" button below. Please post only one submission - if you post multiple submissions, only the first will be considered.
  2. Include both team names - if you do not include both team names it will be assumed that Nebraska is the higher of the two.


  • The winner will be who picks the combined difference between the predicted score for both teams and the actual score.
  • If more than one member have the same difference in scores, the tie-breaker is:
  1. The member who was closer to the Huskers score.  If there is still a tie, then...
  2. The member who closest predicts the Husker passing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under). If there is still a tie, then...
  3. The member who closest predicts the Husker rushing yards (it doesn't matter if the prediction is over or under), if there is still a tie, then...
  4. Whichever member posted the first correct score in the contest.


NOTE: If you edit your score before the contest closes, please make sure you check the "Add the 'Edited By' line" box directly above the "Submit modified post" button. See the image below. This will help make sure all changes are accounted for. Thanks!

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24 minutes ago, Hagg said:


Get out of here with that B.S. or edit with a score and yardage prediction.



Sooners 28

Huskers 34


We'll rush for 222 yards

We'll pass for 246 yeards



This is an online college football message board big dog it ain’t that serious 



That being said:

Nebraska 21 

OU: 48

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23 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

Pardon me while I wait to see if we’ll be fielding the Chinander defense or not. It will directly affect my prediction.

What?  Chinander didn't field a defense last week.  Why would he field one this week?


OU 72

NU 31


Rushing 205

Passing 220


The only reason OU doesn't score more is their players are simply worn out from running freely up and down the field and they run out of time.  Nebraska scores this many simply because OU scores every third play and Nebraska has the ball most of the game.

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