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Frost Fired!

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3 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

They don’t need to have anyone ready for the next coach. Need to make the first move, especially with 9 games still left in the year, and a big opponent in Oklahoma. 


It's worth 7.5 million dollars to change the talking points on TV? This season is toast 

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Just now, The Duke said:

It's the right move, at the right time for both the program - and for Frost.


Scott Frost will ALWAYS be a Cornhusker.         This just wasn't working anymore.



Best analogy I could think of is when you have a really lame horse, you don't wait a few weeks - you put put it out of its misery immediately.




Spot on. I hope  fans think better of running him and his tenure into the ground. 

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It is done.  So mote it be.  


Now we need to figure out who the replacement will be.  Now we need to figure out who will lead us to the Promised Land.  If the Golden boy, who couldn't have been better if we had put him together in a laboratory, couldn't do it then who?


I can't imagine who could fill this role and get the job done.

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4 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Trev screwed this up big time.  I think it was obvious to many that Frost was not the right guy last year.  Why restructure his contract and keep him around only to fire him before October 1.  We essentially lost an opportunity to bring someone new in this past offseason which would have given this whole season a different look and feel.  Instead we are now left with another lost season of Husker football and it's only Week 3.

Don’t blame Trev exclusively. Word is, he had pressure to give Scott one last chance.  

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