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Frost Fired!

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2 hours ago, RedDenver said:

So why did we waste $7.5 million to fire Frost a few weeks early? Seems more and more like it was an idiotic knee-jerk reaction.

this is such a bad perspective on the addtl buyout. 

some millionaire or group of them going to lose that in the market anyway if they hadn’t spent it. Im Sure you’ll lose as much sleep over it as they will. 

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3 minutes ago, Husker03 said:

I feel like NU should approach Scott Frost and inquire as to his interest in becoming a large program booster. With his newfound wealth, he seems an ideal candidate to step up to the plate and help us bring in a heavy hitter coach. Who are we sending to ask?

We could send a pizza delivery guy? With money comes favors for influences sometimes though…so maybe not a great idea.

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2 minutes ago, Jason Sitoke said:

I suppose we could’ve gotten a generous donation of $7.5 million had we waited a couple weeks. 

If it goes into the pocket of a friend of the booster how much difference would it make really? 

Just speculating…

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