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Frost Fired!

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14 minutes ago, knapplc said:

It's the right move, but I'm still shocked it happened before October 1st.

I had confidence in Trev before this but keeping Frost another year only to fire him a few weeks before the reduced buyout is absolute idiocy. I have little faith that Trev can turn this around now.


6 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Trev screwed this up big time.  I think it was obvious to many that Frost was not the right guy last year.  Why restructure his contract and keep him around only to fire him before October 1.  We essentially lost an opportunity to bring someone new in this past offseason which would have given this whole season a different look and feel.  Instead we are now left with another lost season of Husker football and it's only Week 3.



Either fire Frost last year or wait for the Oct 1 buyout.

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13 minutes ago, gorp512 said:

They have to have someone on deck. 


Makes no sense to do this now and lose the money. Wonder if he will stand up there like Mike Riley and field questions

I hope they don’t have someone already because I fear it isn’t someone huge like urban or stoops

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5 minutes ago, Red Five said:


Thats why I said negotiated.

And I said what I said because it’s pretty unreasonable to expect anyone to willingly give up $7.5M they are entitled to. If he did, some will down play it like it was the right thing to do and, if he didn’t, some will stupidly hold it against him. It would be a huge act of charity by Frost if he took less than was owed regardless his performance.

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Just now, Husker03 said:

Urban or Stoops would be about the only ones they could have already.....

Honestly hope you are right.  Neither will be here long but I think they could right the ship.  And hopefully bring someone with them that can then continue it.   I think asking for 8-10 wins each year isn’t over reaching for this program.  Compete for the west and win it every now and then.  This is realistic I think.  

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