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Frost Fired!

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To you Husker fans,

Coming in here as an Ohio State fan, I have to say - you guys gave us a battle every time. At the end of the day, Nebraska has to get more "good players" - recruiting is the difference, you guys need a staff that can recruit as well as coach. Stay strong, at some point Nebraska will be back - it just won't be this season.

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2 minutes ago, RedDenver said:

I can only see 3 reasons for Trev to have fired Frost now:

  1. Trev is helping Frost collect an extra $7.5 million since he's planning to fire him anyways
  2. Trev has a coach ready to take over that cannot wait another 3 weeks
  3. Trev is incompetent


I'd add to the list he doesn't make this move if he wasn't feeling some sort pressure from somewhere.  Probably add it to the top of the list.

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I want Coach Mickey to do good but he won’t get different results this year without a defense!  Chin and his assistants need to be replaced- Chin now!!!!!!


we generally do week enough to win in the offense but the defense generally never does.  We need ball control with long drives and the defense get several three & outs for a good team.


I can’t see six days turning this dead team into a competitor for Oklahoma.  

Oklahoma 77. Nebraska 3

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1 minute ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Is it likely that NU is going to beat OU?  No it isn't.  However, keeping Frost around any longer and him getting any more wins (even if unlikely) would have put more doubt into the fans' thoughts about the decision.  Trev saw enough last year, but he had to let the boosters see for themselves that Frost needed to be fired.

This is the winner. If you think Alberts is incompetent than you don’t know that he wanted to pull the trigger last year and others didn’t. Now they are convinced. 

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1 minute ago, The Dude said:


I'd add to the list he doesn't make this move if he wasn't feeling some sort pressure from somewhere.  Probably add it to the top of the list.

I'm sure that's the case but not being able to convince the pressure that it's worth a few weeks of waiting is on Trev.


Just now, thatguy said:

Trev is incompetent for firing Scott frost? Just trying to understand.

No, Trev is incompetent for firing Frost at this point in time. He should have either done it after last season or waited 3 weeks for Frost's buyout to be reduced by $7.5 million.

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