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Interim Head Coach Mickey Joseph


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2 hours ago, Dansker said:

Obviously there’s a lot of posts about Frost being fired and not enough discussion about Mickey being named interim. The first black HC at DONU! This is a historic day for the football program. I for one am extremely excited to see what he can do. He’s an excellent recruiter, something this program needs. I think we will see the players play hard for him. He’s a players coach. If he’s capable of taking us to a bowl, I think he’s made a case to at least remain on staff with the next HC ala Shawn Watson-Pelini. What do you guys think?

I’m excited to see what he can do as well. First order would be to hire a new defensive coordinator. 

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50 minutes ago, 84HuskerLaw said:

The problems are deep in this team.  MJ may help but nobody should expect much change between now and next fall.   It is grossly unfair to Joseph to put him in that spot.  

He may or may not be a Head Coach but I guess he presumably accepted the interim job without any promises after thanksgiving.  

This can’t be viewed as  ‘test drive’ or trial run. We need an elite HC.  Can he be one?   We can’t know one way or the other.  Maybe if he and Whipple get along (don’t know that either) then a smoother transition could happen.  But, absolutely we have to have a sure thing player magnet on offense and defense as we need about 40 more quality players ASAP.  Some will leave.  Some will stay.  

I truly thot Chin had the defense trending up but that game last night was a disaster!   No excuses. None.  

There are 9 games left. There was going to be no change with Frost in charge, so why not try something else? 3/4 of the season remains. Go 6-3 or better. The season starts now. To me, it was clearly a no brainer. 

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2 minutes ago, BIGREDIOWAN said:

What makes you think Suh can coach at all? There's this thought process that past successful players are automatically good coaches and that's just not how it works! 


So you have list of good coaches who were not "past successful players?" 

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3 minutes ago, Hagg said:


So you have list of good coaches who were not "past successful players?" 

Define your level of success? Dabo Sweeney and Nick Saban both "played" football but weren't stand out players but are amazing National Championship winning coaches. Just because someone can play football and become hall of fame players don't mean they can coach. Mike Singletary was a terrible head coach but a Hall of Fame player. 

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