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Where do we go from here?

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I think Mickey being named, gives the sellout streak a shot of adrenaline. Things were stale with Scott. It was the same crap every week. People are worn on it. There are 9 games left, most of the season, so go beat OU and flip this script? It’s doable. Chinnander sucks fiercely, but find a way to overcome it. So many think NU has no talent, but I’d argue it does have talent, but the talent can’t shine when rain clouds hover over everything. It does have top 20 (mostly) talent. Better than Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Purdue, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and many others, yet it plays like it all sucks. It doesn’t, they just need some direction and will to win. Start Saturday by taking out the Dirt Burglers, getting scoreboard on those chumps. Build from that. Again, it’s doable. 

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3 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

There have been plenty of rumors of coaches showing up late, spending nights out at bars (or maybe one particular bar), and just having an overall low level of work-ethic, which trickles down to the players.  I have heard a lack of accountability being Frost's biggest down fall, so that lack of accountability helps lead to a losing mentality within the players.  The players feel like they can take shortcuts in practice, or have less focus in techniques and fundamentals.

Media guy made reference to players going on a tour of the Jameson factory in Ireland.  I don’t see it as a problem- I would assume it would be part of the trip, but he referenced it negatively.

 Unless that was code for going bar hopping, but I thought the team purposely stayed far away from bars and crowds.  He insinuated that the team was loosely controlled. 

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Hell, I'm more than excited about the possibilities for this season now.  Even when it comes to this thought of "identity", if the mindset shifts to moving the guy in front of you then we might just find our way with MJ.


I don't think there are any excuses.  We can win this game with OU.  MJ is our guy.  We may lose ... but it won't be without MJ giving his best.


Go Big Red.



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35 minutes ago, walksalone said:

Right now, MJ is playing with house money...


The #6 team is coming in this week, a traditional rival, so if I was OU, I'd be a little concerned.


I'm surprised if we didn't get some consideration for college game day, just a ton of story lines in place...

Concerned about hanging half a hundred on the huskers in the first half and taking the second half off ?

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