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Best wishes on your search from a Tennessee fan. College football is better with Nebraska competing.

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2 hours ago, RockyTopRascal said:

Stopped by to wish you well on your new search.  I thought Frost was a home run for your program.  Your program and teams have always been classy. They're great representatives of your university. 


I have endured almost 2 decades of irrelevance because UT could neither fire, nor hire, the right coach.  There was much infighting inside the administration, boosters, and the athletic department.  I hope we finally have someone who can at least get and keep us competitive.  


I hope your coaching search goes better.  I hope you don't wander in the wilderness for years.  It isn't easy to find the right coach.  So much has to come together in a short amount of time. Even good coaches have to show results at breakneck speeds compared to 20 years ago.  Saban has skewed expectations for quick and unparalleled sustained success.   


Go find a proven winner.  Get better and return to the where you belong in the world of college football.


Good luck.  Go Vols. 




Thanks - I'll be heading to Knoxville for the game in 2027. Love it up there.

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On 9/15/2022 at 11:34 AM, presidentjlh said:

I appreciate the kind words but I can't wait for the day when other fanbases don't have to send messages like this to us anymore


'Cept for the occasional "Good luck in the bowl game" from a fan of the enemy team. 

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