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Mike'l Severe rant on Scott Frost

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4 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

This is extremely disappointing. So, Frost didn’t give a s#!t about his job and fixing the problems. 

At the same time, now I’m encouraged for the future. If we get a good coach that puts in the work, we will improve. 



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8 minutes ago, gobiggergoredder said:

I don't believe this is true.  Sometimes people have the best intentions and are not capable.  That doesn't mean they don't care.  It means they are over their head.


I believe he was over his head and it wasn't ever going to work.  I think he's a coordinator that lacks the skills to successfully operate a large organization.  It's a difficult job with a marginal success rate.

If he wasn’t putting in the work because he was over his head, then he simply checked out and….didn’t care anymore. 

Other people who find themselves in over their heads put in MORE work to try their best to succeed. That’s not what Frost did. 

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I love having Severe out there not under the umbrella of 1620.  He's still plugged in on everything but doesn't have to pull any punches.  He's been my favorite radio 

(now ex) guy for a longggggg time.  He also doesn't really care about Nebraska so he doesn't need to worry about ruffling feathers.

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2 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:

I felt last year he looked like he wanted to be fired.  Sometimes guys know they are drowning, but won't pull the plug themselves.  I heard XHCSF was seen golfing Monday in Lincoln and was as happy as can be.

I'd be happy as can be if I got fired and was given 15M as a parting gift too.

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