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More Excited Today or When Frost Was Hired?

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3 hours ago, TiredHuskerFanMWI said:

I lost my father unexpectedly August 18 of this year.  Frost still gave us some hope up to the very day my dad left and we were excited to watch the games together this year, as we had done my entire existence.  There is nothing like the father and son bond of Husker support.  I feel you.

Sorry to hear about it.  Incidentally, I lost my dad unexpectedly on the same day as Frost's first Husker spring game as head coach.  We were both super excited about the hire, along the lines of 'if he can get us back, no one can'.  I know he'd be as disappointed as anyone where we've ended up.

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I wasn't excited when Scott arrived. I grew more enthusiastic over time as I said that I'd support our coach. Now I'm about the same today. Not particularly excited due to underlying limiting issues. That might change in the coming weeks depending on the team's performance. I'm encouraged with Mickey leading the team. 

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1 hour ago, Go Furself said:

Today because I did not want a coach who relies on a running QB and I have more faith in Trev Alberts than Bill Moos.


Well then you loved hearing Casey Thompson was going to be the starter and what he's done so far...right?

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1 hour ago, Undone said:


Well then you loved hearing Casey Thompson was going to be the starter and what he's done so far...right?

Casey has played very well.  This year, thus far, QB play has not been an issue.  Frankly the offense is better.  Let’s see the next three games.  By mid season, we can tell more.  I feel better about the offense. If we had a good O line, it’d be our best offense in some time. 

STs is being coached now. 

The defense - ugh.  Seems like disorganized confusion. That can be fixed over time.  Just hard to understand why for me.  

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