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Chinander's Role


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2 hours ago, Undone said:


To be clear, I don't think we have any real chance of winning against Oklahoma.


But I don't think it's a bold statement to say that it seems like the offense's ceiling is high. Now having Teddy potentially be out for the whole year is a big loss. 


We probably have the highest level of skill players on offense in the Frost era this season, and there's some depth there also. But I agree that the offensive line could just as easily fold and screw the whole thing.

If we lose, which we probably will, I suspect it will fall back on the defense. My prediction is that we will score 25+. 

The defense just needs to prove the can know what they are doing and have a sound scheme. 

Hard to do in one week. 

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9 minutes ago, Decked said:

At this point what do you lose of your fire Chins. Then again I don’t know who has DC experience but dude is a$$ cheeks. What are you gonna do? Give up worst another 700 yards?

the players. 

they were recruited and built a bond w those coaches. Gotta think of the players too

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This is my analogy for Chin…what is the difference between having a broken down car that does not drive anymore and having no car? At least having no car gives you options. Just promote anyone else. At this point can the defense play any worse? We must be ranked close to the bottom of the FBS in defense. Save his salary for the next coach hire. 

when this is all done and hopefully we get a competent coach, the Frost-Chin era will be referred to as the dark ages in husker football.

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24 minutes ago, admo said:

The game plan for our defense looked horrible.  Just awful.

When Urbs points out numerous points to immediately improve ie don't play 2 high safeties on running downs because "OU will run it down your throat" (Insert any team) and it is never corrected means he either can't adjust or won't.  Either way, buh bye.  I was all on board Chin last year thinking I saw improvement.  Maybe I did, by guys 4 years in the system, with Tuioti as DL coach, with JoJo as an eraser. But that's the rub.  4 years to get to almost average....Ruud, no bueno and hasn't been since day 1.  Dawson....Fish, no idea wth happened to our secondary.  BUT when Farmer says you can't improve tackling overnight after tagging for 4 years.  WTH. What team does that. No wonder we are not physical.  We play friggin tag at practice.  The old adage "you play how you practice" comes to mind.  

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