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*** The Official Nebraska / Oklahoma Game Thread ***

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2 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:


He is. But like I've said all along, there's a reason why he's never been a HC. Great position coach, great recruiter, but not HC material. Unfortunately, we're gonna lose his recruiting skills bc I don't see him sticking around after this season. Kelly will probably bring him back and bring Allen in also.

Realize that but we’re sh$tying on the players now.

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1 minute ago, Hayseed said:

The hype on these boards is out of hand. We're always the pre-season champion. The linebackers are just in over their heads.

I don't know that it looks a lot different if we're playing North Dakota St today. Lots of quit in these guys. 

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Let's be 100% real... Urban Meyer is not coming to Lincoln.
If you believe he is, I've got some really great beachfront property here in Kansas to sell you, and I'll let it go for cheap. Right now, no big name coach is coming here. Nor is Nebraska scrapping everything and running the I-formation option extensively.

This game was 100% a throwaway because we are not good at football. One week was not enough to fix the horrible, glaring issues on defense or the unmobile scarecrows on the O-line.  I'd like to try the same drugs you did if you honestly believed Nebraska could hang with OU.

The true test is what happens against Indiana, because it will have been extended time under Mickey Joseph. Perhaps, Joseph can get the ship pointed in the right direction with better tackling, better execution and better attention to detail.

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