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What did we learn? - Oklahoma

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-I learned that our fan base has unrealistic expectations, myself included. I didn’t think we would win but I was hopeful that we would play more competitively than we did. 

-I learned that Mickey Joseph is a quality individual.  He may not be ready to be a head coach but he has the makings of one. It was refreshing to hear him take responsibility for the loss instead of offering excuses or throwing the players under the bus. 
-I learned that for many winning at any cost is the only thing that matters. That makes me very sad because having a quality football team is what set Nebraska apart from the others. 
-On the bright side we can only go up from here. I hope Trev takes a very long time to pick the next coach. 
-I love this team. It grieves my heart to see how far we’ve fallen. :(

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10 minutes ago, mwj98 said:

Farmer is a complete joke. He quit on the team. His effort against that long touchdown run was obvious. 

Do you mean the 61 yard QB run?

That was such a back breaker and on 3rd and 7.  I know that for some reason there are Husker fans that want a statue QB but NU needs a QB that can run when needed.

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