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What did we learn? - Oklahoma

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28 minutes ago, BoNeyard said:

I learned we probably only win 2 total games this year. With that knowledge I learned that this is the worst Nebraska team I have ever watched. 

Might have a chance to beat Indiana, Rutgers, and Iowa I don’t see any other wins on the schedule. Even those are hopeful at best but surely we can pull at least one or two out. 

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5 hours ago, internetman said:

do you blame them? 18 transfers into a s#!t storm of a football program?

Another poster pointed out context is key.  And I agree with that...as you point it out.  


But the 61 yard TD run...you're up 7-0 at home.  It's 3rd and 7.  You already had one good defensive outing.  How in the world does that scenario turn out the effort on that play.  It made me sick to my stomach.  It was a TD we chose to give up instead if fighting to prevent.  Topped off by Tommi Hill's sickening "nah I'm good even though I play defense."


At least 7 guys should never see the light of day in this program after that.  

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The game went as expected. This same team lost to Georgia southern. Now they faced a real defense. What would change in 1 week? Frost's teams have been predictably, consistently bad for the last 2 years. A new coach can't do much in a handful of practices.


Tackling should get better as the season goes on now that they are emphasizing it in practice. This will improve the defense. With a new coaching approach, we may be able to sneak out a few wins. 

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9 hours ago, ndobney said:

If I answered this question truthfully I would be banned from huskerboard so no comment 


Can you say it with nicey language?  They won't ban you for hating on coaches or players here, will they? 


My take from the game came in two big categories as we walked back to our car after the game:  1.  Fans.  Not.Like.It.Used.To.Be.  The cheers during the game came less loud and with no fire, no hope.   Downtown Lincoln seemed different for being so crowded.  It might as well not have been crowded.  Sooners fans were treated well, as usual, but they had no smiles for us, just contempt.  2.  Coaches and our play.  Loud coach.  Mickey was loud.  We could hear his words.  He stayed that way for quite a while, too.  The team did nothing to indicate that they wanted this game.  Skill levels were mostly low to mediocre.  Speed was gone.  Tackling sucked, as usual.  O-line looked like they were in fear throughout the game with the notable exception of the first drive (which they paid for during the rest of the game).  The defense was lost on most plays and the word "disarray" was heard around our section more than once. 


I found myself wondering if a beloved Husker like Mickey Joseph could be part of the problems we've been having.  Those problems were here prior to him, of course, but did he add to that or help?  I can't see the help since he's been here, not just since he got Interim, of course;  just one game/one week.  But is he a fit for success for us?  I don't know.  Lots of "I don't know" around the stadium about a lot of things in the Nebraska football program. 

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I learned that our defense is really even worse than what we all thought.  Our talent level on that side of the ball is basically NAIA level talent.  I learned that our offense is nothing short of almost being as bad against quality opposition.  I also learned that OU has alot of team speed and talent that we just were not ready for.  Fast Break offense that once your back pedaling they just keep coming for you.  I thought this was what Frost was bringing in here for an offense?


Transfer portal is a good thing if you bring in freshmen and sophomores.  5th year seniors are only looking for a ticket to a NFL training camp or draft combine spot.  Very few will come here or anywhere to play team ball.  We need to hit the portal next season to bring in quality DL and OL players.  Thats our only chance at getting better sooner.  I think Mickey can identify those players faster. 


In order of importance:

1.  We need to recruit better. ( LInes)

2.  We need to get faster, stronger and bigger ( Strength and conditioning)

3.  Get players who want to represent this school 100% of the time they are here.

4.  Mickey is the only coach at this point I would retain, even with a new staff.  The rest have shown be nothing.

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In no way should anyone think that Mickey can turn things that fast.  Just not possible.  I would bet secretly if asked Mickey would tell you that half of our roster is not P-5 level talent as starters or even roll players.  One would think everyone saw that on display yesterday.  Roster has talent, but this talent hasn't been made better thru strength and conditioning.  We rushed Teddy back when in all honesty he should have been redshirted this season and allowed to get 100%.  Just so many things are bad at this program right now.  Decisions have been made for the course of the last 4 years that have just drowned this great program.  Frost litterally drained the life out of what Riley left that wasn't screwed up already.  Frost should have been let go last season.  IF we already new if he didn't win his first few games this season, he realistically had no chance to survive, then should have pulled the trigger last year and let a new coach cut there teeth this season.  Now, we are in complete rebuild mode losing this season and one would have to think that next season will be a similiar one as well. 


The talent argument is a hard one.  All the numbers tell us that we have more talent than Iowa, Wisky, Purdue and some others.  Eye ball test tells us that we are not even close on some levels.  I tend to use what my eyes tell me over what someone prints on paper.  Now saying that it sure appears that we lack strength and conditioning more than overall talent.  We have not developed our players correctly.  Thats all on our current coaching staff, not just Frost.  If MIckey would get the full time gig, he has to fire or replace almost this whole staff anyway.  I support Mickey and want him to get some level of success, but it seems a far more difficult process than expected.  If this team has quit like suggested, I completely expect to see a new team on the defensive side of the ball going forward.  I expect to see Chins fired.  I expect to see a major shake up on that side of the ball.  Clearly, if you strip me of my blachshirt I am coming out the first and next game to prove you made a mistake.  I didn't see any one our players playing pissed off yesterday.   I saw moping and plain lack of who cares.

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