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Chinander fired

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1 minute ago, gobiggergoredder said:

Matty D won’t be around much longer either


Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. His qualifications for the job were... questionable. But I could see him stick around for radio commentary, I guess.

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Just now, knapplc said:

Honestly surprised it took this long. 


Might have effectively been fired a week ago, and they just waited to make it Mickey's 'choice'.

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7 minutes ago, gobiggergoredder said:

Defense is way way easier to fix than offense. Installing something different is unlikely though.


I still remember Pelinis first year with a very basic defense was one of his best.

Pelini's 2008 team finished 55th in total defense and 80th in scoring defense (link) and got blown out at times that first season: Mizzou 52-17 and OU 62-28. And that's with a whole off-season to learn the defense. I don't think a change mid-season is going to do much of anything to improve the defense, but I hope I'm wrong.

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10 minutes ago, chamrocck said:

Agree with Ruud and Duval.  But please Dawson, that guy is completely overrated. Probably a matter of how many coaches we need to finish out the season.

Agree, was never a fan of bringing Dawson back either.

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1 minute ago, Farms said:

Thank god!! Duval is trash


Ehh, I feel like a lot of people are basing their opinions of Duval on the offensive line's performance, but a lot of that is due to all the weird, excessively tall linemen that Austin & Frost recruited. Only so much you can do with guys who are the wrong body types to begin with.

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