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Chinander fired


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4 minutes ago, knapplc said:

Bonkers that people are upset we fired the guy responsible for these stats:


Total Defense: 128th (514 ypg)

Pass Defense: 115th (280ypg)

Passing Eff Defense: 136 (83rd)

Rushing Defense: 124th (233ypg)

Rushing Yards per Att: 124th (5.7 ypa)

Opponent First Downs 127th (27.0 p/g)

Scoring Defense: 114th (35.5ppg)



And not exactly a murderers row of opponents thus far. 

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He talked a good game.  Said all the right things.  Displayed knowledge,  verbally.  Improved UCF's D. 




What went wrong?  He looked and sounded like an excellent hire.  So did Frost.  Honestly, what went wrong?  They had several full seasons here, and produced dreck right from the git go. 

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12 minutes ago, M.A. said:

It isn’t pretty but these things have to be done. Chinander wasn’t qualified when he came in and he goes out likewise. Enough with the marshmallow defense. 

I feel little to zero sympathy for college coaches at P5 schools who get fired. They make ridiculous coin, get to travel in style, stay at 5 star hotels, get perks on auto leasing, free meals, wear shorts and sweats to work, etc, etc. All you gotta do is not suck. And even if you do suck and get fired your highly likely to pick up, at minimum, a high 5 figure salary at a FCS school or low 6 figure salary at an FBS school. Rinse and repeat 


And people put wayyyyyy too much, "well they coach, so they must know what they are doing" on these guys...I have been around a bunch of college coaches in my life and it's not like all of them are "football savants"...a good chunk are just dudes who decided to coach because they had nothing else going on.


Realize my brush is pretty big on this, there are coaches who put in the time and perfect their craft, but again there are many that are just wanting to stay on "the gravy train with biscuit wheels."

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