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Steve Taylor on Frost And Other Toxic People Down There

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18 hours ago, VectorVictor said:


Unfortunately it sounds like the cancer goes all the way to (some of) the Regents who knew of and permitted this stuff. 


Wonder if one of those cancers is actively politicking this fall...

I’ve said for years and years it’s terribly disappointing some regents still have their jobs dating back to Pearlman. The things that went on, no wonder the football program sucks. 

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I fail to see how Trev would be on the hot seat in all of this.  He came in when Frost was already not getting the job done.  It's been stated that he wanted to fire Frost last year and didn't have the support to do so.  So, he forced Frost to make coaching changes on the staff.  When this season started as a s#!t show, he took action.


Now, it's his job to hire a good coach.  To my knowledge, the athletic program is being ran well other than the two main men's programs not winning.  And, he's taking action to fix the biggest one.

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