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Steve Taylor on Frost And Other Toxic People Down There

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17 minutes ago, BigRedN said:


That's hilarious.  I don't even think that was an auto-correct.  I just pulled a Frosty man.

Miriam Webster just added it:


Frosty :  1) NOUN: Completely embarassing F-Up,  2) ADJ: As if or having the properties of an embarrassing F-Up.  Example; I just pulled a Frosty

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11 hours ago, TiredHuskerFanMWI said:

I personally think there is a risk Trev makes a hip hip hooray type hire and gets a Mr. Rogers type coach in here because of all the crap that went on during Frost's tenure.  After all,  Trev's the one who originally said this goes beyond 16-31.   Pretty much confirms to me he wants a good-guy hire and not a winning hire.


So you're gonna just leave out the rest of the criteria that Trev listed? 

A grinder who hates losing, for example...

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46 minutes ago, ActualCornHusker said:


So you're gonna just leave out the rest of the criteria that Trev listed? 

A grinder who hates losing, for example...

Wait, so the next coach is gonna have to recruit winners off of Grindr? 

Guess our Tight end and D play *would* improve substantially though. 

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3 hours ago, Courtesy Flush said:


2. Many fans, including most of the Husker fans I know (full disclosure - me included), were still not quite ready to give up on “the chosen one”. Maybe that’s because of the water we drink in Western Nebraska. It’s pure KoolAid. When did that “fire Frost” switch flip for me? It was during the 3rd QTR of the Northwestern game this year. When did that change for the majority of Husker fans I know? 3/4 of them (most of the town) said it was after NW as well. The remainder were onboard with a change after Georgia Southern. I only know of a couple people who wanted to keep Frost after the Sun Belt sunburn.





For what its worth, as a fan, I was still willing to see how Oklahoma went. I think the entire staff thought they'd walk into Oklahoma, undefeated and spent most of the summer/ game planning for Oklahoma, like their jobs depended on it (cuz it did). They just forgot they had to make sure to win NW and Georgia Southern. 


After the Georgia Southern game though, Trev had no choice he had to let Frost go then and there. The absolute worst thing that could have happened after the GS loss was that Frost and Co. would have upset Oklahoma. - (we all know now, that was incredibly unlikely to ever happen, but hey Frost was never really out of a game.) If he's allowed to coach Oklahoma and earns a win over a top 10 team, he likely stays on through the season and we are behind the 8 ball when he is let go. As a fan, I was curious, as an administrator, Trev did what he needed to do. 

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5 hours ago, Courtesy Flush said:

4. Frost has earned the ridicule after the firing. He was protected, and now there is a lot of smoke. Most of us wanted it to work, but it didn’t, and it’s 100% on Scott. I could care less what the media has to say, but the former players… that’s important when they’re all singing the same tune. Steve Taylor is a well respected guy. He’s saying there was something way off. Tommie tried to say it a couple years ago, and he got ridiculed for having a vendetta against Frost. It turns out he was right. Regardless of what you believe about Frost, it’s clear this mess has only gotten worse. Carriker summed it up best yesterday on his latest YouTube post “How bad of shape did Scott Frost leave this program? He talked about how bad of shape Riley left the program in; I think he’s left it in way worse shape.” That’s a hard pill to swallow for a lot of us, but the record speaks for itself.


How did Tommie perform as a head coach ?

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On 9/19/2022 at 7:50 AM, knapplc said:

Some pretty harsh words from Taylor. Questioning Frost's integrity as a man, saying he betrayed the university and the program.


Frost skipped Taylor's reunion with a bunch of former players who had previously felt disconnected from the program. 


Taylor says there are other toxic coaches (presuming Frost/Chinander are as well) that may need to be let go. The radio guys miss a huge opportunity by not asking Taylor who he means. 


Taylor says it's mind-boggling to him that they haven't been tackling in practice. 


He says he's been hearing things about the administration over the past five years that blow him away. Of course, he doesn't elaborate, and the hosts don't push him on that. Disappointing.




I agree with Taylor that Frost lacked integrity and it's a shame the administration let it pass as long as they did and that the local media kept it quiet.  I guarantee Alberts was aware of this when he took over as AD and he should have acted sooner. Its the kids/players who have been impacted the most by the dysfinctional program Frost was leading.

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On 9/20/2022 at 12:06 PM, Decoy73 said:

Let’s say Wisconsin is currently looking for a coach and all of the likely candidates are the same ones we’re debating.   As a Huskers fan, which one coach would “worry “ you most if they were hired by Wisky?


Anyone not picking Urban Meyer?

Go back in time to Week 1 of the 2001 NFL season and ask the AFC East which Patriots QB they “worry” about most. Drew Bledsoe or Tom Brady?


Past performance is no guarantee of future results. I want a guy that has a great track record and, if possible, some ties to Nebraska. I’m intrigued by Lance Leipold.

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