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Mood During 1st Bye Week - How Many Wins?

Red Five

How Many Total Regular Season Wins?  

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6 hours ago, BigRedN said:

Ya, I get that.  It makes sense.  As predicted.  The same folks who bloviate some amazing outcome are also the first and worst to go to the other direction [and really only a few games into the season this time].

It's obvious that this hits a cord.  My guess is that one can look up your prediction both before and now ... and the deviation will be quite great.  It all points to your measure of fandom I guess.  Why not just stay with your prediction instead of throwing stones.

You are correct however, I am a weird.  Unfortunately, it's not another weird year.  It's just another year of awakening to those who have been asleep.

WTF are you even talking about and why does it matter if people adjusted their number of predicted wins? Some people would call that smart, revising their prediction based on how the team actually looks in games instead of sticking with some number they pulled out of their a$$ before the season started. Or are you wiser, more knowledgeable than the rest of us? ….no, that’s not a real question, it’s rhetorical, we know you aren’t.

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7 hours ago, admo said:

Indiana, Rutgers, Purdue,  bye week... then Illinois...


I think we can stack some wins.  Take it one at a time.  Shore up the Defense and score more points.  One game at a time.  


We'd be sitting at 4-1 in conference play.  chuckleshuffle


You say it's impossible, I say it's not.  






I say it's improbable.  Purdue and Illinois have been quite a bit better than us for a while now. Rutgers and Indiana are both 3-0 and have beaten opponents we probably couldn't beat.


I'm reasonably confident we don't lose during the bye weeks, however. 

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