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Huskers and Bowl Games after CFP expansion


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What is the future of bowl games after the CFP expands? Will they exist or not?


There are 30 some bowl games, only six of which represent the New Years Six ... which is 12 teams.


Nebraska hasn't been in a New Year's Six or BCS game since the 2002 Rose Bowl.


Are we going to see all our seasons end on the day after Thanksgiving? Maybe these Frost years were training us to accept that... LOL


Is the college football postseason going from 30 games to 11 or so games?


That seems like it would suck the life out of college football for a lot of fan bases. Not going to contend for the conference? Season may as well be over before it starts for most.


I am thinking of the NFL and the first two weekends of the postseason... Wild Card and Divisional. That's pretty fun.


But the steady diet of games, especially when you get a line up filled with interesting matchups, is even better for a football addict. 


I realize that athletes are opting out of the lesser bowls. That's not fun. So maybe this is all moot. 


Does anyone care about these bowl games... other than me?

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If it were up to me, I'd eliminate enough bowls so that you basically had to have at least 8 wins to go bowling. That said, Hilltop is correct, there's too much $$$$$.


Frankly, I look at bowls now as sort of a nice bonus for a winning season and something to use as recruiting marketing, but little more. More interested in division titles, conference titles, and, hopefully someday we can realistically talk about this, playoff spots yes.

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There are actually 43 bowl games this year and only 131 FBS teams.  That means that basically 2/3 of teams play in a bowl game.  Does anyone remember when the NHL first went to 16 teams making the playoffs and there were only 23 teams in the league?


Bowl games are longer a reward for a good season.  Many of them are the same as participation medals.  I agree that there needs to be many bowls cut from the list and I'd say that a nine win season should be the minimum for making a bowl game.  If you can't win 75% of your games suck it up and work harder in the off season to get rewarded with a bowl game next year.

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Maybe knocking out a few bowls would be OK.


Keeping them would be nice though.


Maybe doing something to enhance the bowls. Although I don't know what that would be.


What can I say... I love football.


And, yes, the Huskers being out of the bowls has been very hard. Never thought the day would come honestly. Bill's missing two in four years was bad. Mike Riley missing one and taking a bowl with a losing record was worse in that three year stretch. Now, no bowl for going on five years of Frost. It feels like we are the new Kansas. And with Kansas 3-0 and looking toward a bowl... Kansas might not even be Kansas anymore.


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Bowl games are dumb fun between teams from different conferences. Some matchups are classic, some are fun, some are dumb. But the antiquated idea that "bowl games are a reward for a good season" hasn't been true for going on three decades. 


Bowl games means more football. All these people saying "we need fewer bowl games" are saying we need less football. They're wrong.


Every team, regardless of record, should get the opportunity to play in a bowl game. That means more football. More football is better than less football.

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Just now, ECisGod said:

Had you stopped there, I would have agreed with everything you said.


If you really think there needs to be more football, then just make the regular season longer.


It's the unique matchups that make bowl games great. Do we really want to play another game against a conference foe? And if you're adding another non-con game, why not put that at the end of the season, and call it a bowl game?

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1 hour ago, knapplc said:


It's the unique matchups that make bowl games great. Do we really want to play another game against a conference foe? And if you're adding another non-con game, why not put that at the end of the season, and call it a bowl game?

Maybe have more non-con games in the middle of the season instead of ending the season with 8-9 conference games.  Play a couple of non-con games to start the season, play 2-4 conference games, then a non-con game, 2-4 more conference games, another non-con game then finish up the conference games.  If a team doesn't make their conference championship game, they can play another non-con game the week after the conference championship games and call it a "bowl" game.  Leave the rest of December to the playoff and college hoops.

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I can see a scenario in the distant future that includes about 24 bowl games that are just a part of the playoff system going forward.  Each round of the playoffs would be at a traditional bowl site from the Alamo all the way to the Orange bowl.  This would still allow for the pageants and parades to take place I guess.  That how I would look at this in the future. 

Tradition is long gone in College football, doing away with bowl season just seems like the next step.  Sure, we will have bowl season for a few more years, but its going to go away  eventually.  Conference realignment has all but destroyed what once was.  With the ever expanding conferences and playoff picture, it will not remain. 

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