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How long does Trev have with his hire?

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9 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

 But, if he’s hired and in 4 years we are going through this again, Trev should be fired solely based on this one decision….even though he might be doing everything else very well and he got a lot of input from people who know football before hiring him. 

Trev’s in the get it right business and he should have as long as it takes this year to make his decision and get it right.   Because if he doesn’t, people won’t be so patient with his job prospects.   Small chance he gets a second hire, but only if everything else is going great with other sports.  

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Unless the coach is currently not a coach somewhere, he won't make the hire until December or very late November. That seems obvious given coaches are focused on their current season and teams and won't make that type of announcement until after their season concludes. That is what makes this season feel like it's already been 3 months long. So much has happened with us and we aren't even in October yet.

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It is quite possible that Trev has his HC long before any announcement or leaks get out.  He could be working on various assistants etc thru the same back channels / discretely.  His search will be much more helpful if done in time to salvage some of the more desirable commits and or retention of current players.  

A lot depends on who the HC finally turns out to be.  Hire a current coach, his arrival with any staff to follow and or our existing staff can recruit, will be delayed.  This is the biggest negative to waiting on people until after Jan 1.  
It may be, that’s the only option should the best HC available be in the playoffs, bowls etc. 


There are complications to any search and rescue mission.  But the key, ultimately, is get the best damn HC / staff money can buy.   If that is Mickey, Whipple, Urban, Stoops, or one of dozens of others out there.  

If I’m the next HC at Neb, I want to hit the ground running in recruiting, etc. sooner the better. I may not abruptly quit my present job but - in the end - the parting will not be amicable in nearly all cases, IF such HC isn’t being fired already.   

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