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*** Official Indiana Game Thread ***


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1 hour ago, Nebhawk said:

I really wish this team didnt play next Friday at Rutgers.  This will be a short week, but a really good week for the program for a change.. If we win on Friday in Rutgers, we will have some momentum!

i think we can beat them. we are going to ride the momentum of this win and rutgers is going to be deflated from getting destroyed by osu.

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For some reason, I can't post photos in threads so all I can say is this. Watch Indiana's last drive before half. On their long run play, watch the right side and specifically our number 2. Dude gets held so bad he might now be pregnant. - That drive changed the game, could have cost us the game and the no call was egregious. Never seemed to muss a call on Nebraska for holding. Getting tired of this every game since joining the BIG. Not asking for a benefit. Asking for fair calls on both teams. Nebraska is held every single game in game changing moments and the refs rarely, if ever call it.


Watch the highlight video start at 2:31. First play watch Indiana #51. Textbook holding. 3:06 #51 again, terrible holding, this is the one I was talking about above. Both their 2nd quarter touchdowns should not have happened. 



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