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11 minutes ago, TonkaSker said:


He's not making a ton of money at SFA although he's winning a ton of games. It would be a hard pull but I could see them easily tripling his salary.

And looking now he really isn't having a good year this year. They are 2-3 losing to any one that's decent. 

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53 minutes ago, Decked said:

Campbell should’ve left ISU after last year. That is not a sustainable program. 

Wonder if he realized that this the rumors of him leaving heating up. Might be a day late and a dollar short now. 

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On 10/7/2022 at 9:55 AM, Farms said:

That's why "Just throw $15 million/year at Urban" is a horrible idea.  Trying to buy success hasn't worked for the most part, in any sport.  And honestly you throw that kind of money at any person it's hard to stay hungry.  Also that's why it's easy to like Mickey right now.  He knows he isn't owed anything. 


I mean, it's seemed to work okay for Alabama and Ohio State. Plus, I don't think you can really compare Urban's 3 national championships at 2 different programs being worth $15M a year to Jimbo's 1 national championship with a bunch of other meh years being worth $9M and a $90M buyout.

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Throwing money at a head coach doesn't guarantee championships but what it does guarantee you is national relevancy. Texas A&M is talked about bc of Jimbo Fisher. They had the number 1 recruiting class in the nation. Not Alabama, Not Clemson, Not USC good old Texas A&M. So lets say Urban gets 11 million from Nebraska yes we would expect championships but we would be national known with recruits bc of Urban Meyer. There is a lot of pressure to win when you give a coach that much. But look at the results those programs are better bc of it.

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16 hours ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

Im confused by what you mean for the first part.


Trev isn't listening to what the media is saying in making this hire. So what they say has no bearing on his process. He just used 2 meanings of the word "will" in a span of 3 words.


Clear as mud now?

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