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4 hours ago, BaytownHusker said:


I wont lie, as soon as I seen USF coach fired I said to my self here we go again. Frost going to go there and end up with a 13-0 record and a Self Proclaimed NC lol.

I'm not going to be surprised at all if Frost gets his personal issues figured out, that he is successful in his coaching career going forward.

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Some info on other openings per Split Zone Duo:


Colorado is going after Tom Herman and there's mutual interest. if they get a no then they'll likely hire Bronco Mendenhall. I feel like Tom could do better.


Arizona State has run a really poor search and has Mickey at 1A. AD may still get fired, which seems odd to me because they've already wasted a ton of time. Apparently the guy set up a meeting with a search firm and ghosted them? Odd. Sounds like Derek Mason is also in play here, then Kenny Dillingham gets a call.


Auburn is Lane's if he wants it, which is the only real question at this point. 


Georgia Tech is kicking the tires on Brent Key as full-time. Bill Clark is supposedly interested in this one.


UAB belief is that UAB already hired someone full-time but agents don't seem to know who it is. Not Dan Mullen. Tyson Helton keeps coming up. Apparently swung at Tom Herman. Went after Clay Helton last year. Sounds like they'll probably do better than Tyson but we'll see. "If you're texting 'you up?' to Tom Herman and Dan Mullen you don't land on Tyson Helton".


USF is just starting so there's not a lot of chatter. The circumstances are there for Jon Gruden to return to coaching (lol) but it would only happen if boosters took over the athletic department.


Hot Seats

WVU: $20mm buyout and the money is available. Needs another win to survive, maybe two.

Stanford: If Shaw goes it happens on his terms. The issues here aren't his fault and the administration needs to figure it out before anyone's interested. Regarded as the hardest job in the P5. There's probably only 100 kids in the country that qualify academically and you're still competing with ND, Michigan, etc. No NIL, no portal. Yikes! Mike Bloomgren is supposed to be heir apparent but he hasn't even made a bowl at Rice. Derek Mason and Jim Clawson also interested, somehow.

Tulsa: Retaining Montgomery probably, but Eric Morris (OC Wazzu) and Incarnate Word HC G.J. Kinney are in play as is Matt Wells. 

Texas State: Spav might stick around but they have serious athletic department issues. Need a McGuire/Traylor hire.

UTEP: Dimel sticks around if they bowl and <50% he does if they don't. 

Navy: Better beat Army! Ken is in a David Shaw situation and Navy is also facing similar perception issues in coaching circles.

Mizzou: Apparently they're confident based on recruiting but people are skeptical. A lot of WTF in agent circles about the extension/raise.

Louisville: Should have pulled trig in September because wins have made it complicated. 2/3 down the stretch keeps him around.

Syracuse: People were chipping in for the buyout before the season so the money is there but he's probably safe unless they lose out. 

Bowling Green: Nobody likes him but he's alive. Coaches were being vetted 2 weeks ago but he keeps getting away with it.

Ohio: Hot seat prior but he's getting extended.

Arkansas St: Looking at next year if they don't bowl. 

Iowa: Keep an eye on Iowa! 

Memphis: Needs to win out.

UL-Monroe: Bowden might step into the AD job as a way to leave. Supposedly the hardest AD job in the FBS.


"Really important they make a bowl game" - Rice/UNLV/FAU.




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