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1st in the Big 10 West

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21 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

I still think it comes down to Purdue and Minnesota. They seem like the 2 best teams in the division right now. 

Really Minnesota's to lose at this point. I think Purdue is good and I know they have the H2H win (minus Ibra for Minnesota), but it seems this one's Minnesota's for the taking. 

That is until we take it from both of them starting with Purdue next week :D

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1 hour ago, ColoradoHusk said:

I’m totally good dude. I agree that 2-1 headed to a wide open division is better than 0-3. However, the team needs to play better. The expectation should be quality football being played, regardless of the standing in the division. 

When we haven’t gone to a bowl in 5 years and this was our first back 2 back conf wins in 4, I think it’s ok to lower the bar a bit and appreciate any form of progress we can get. It’s just a game, if you can’t be happy when they lose at least try and get some enjoyment when they win eh? 

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