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What did we learn: Rutgers

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I went to bed when Nebraska went up 14-13.  I had a strong feeling that would be the final score the way both teams were playing.  Ugly, ugly football.


It's nice to get another win but I suspect there's only one win left on the schedule at most.


Hats off to Trev for trying to give these guys a chance, but there's only so much you can do with this team.



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1 hour ago, cheekygeek said:

Hard to believe a Rutgers home game didn’t rate First Team announcers (eh?) Their definition of a sellout is a bit different than our definition of a sellout.

Definitely the most empty sellout I've seen. At least in the Callahan years, Husker fans waited til halftime to empty a sellout.

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29 minutes ago, BoNeyard said:

What did we learn? Learned that there is fight in this team and this program was very poorly coached over the last 4.5 years on both offense and defense. 

Yeah I’m of the same mind about all this.  The biggest hope I have as to the capabilities of the team and coaches is that maybe we should be looking at the possibilities as a strictly per game thing;  that we have players and a staff that picks through each game and finds a way to win that particular game, rather than trying to handicap the season.  Coach Mickey is showing us something.  That guy really is wringing out as much as he can each game, and it seems to be showing deep into the second half mostly.  

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13 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

It’s nice to see coaches that can actually get the team to turn a bad game around and not piss themselves once a few things go wrong.


Mickey needs to tighten up the late game time management.   No need to wast those timeouts at the end to try and bleed another second off the clock.  Those timeouts are way more valuable  than the three seconds they saved in the event Rutgers somehow got in field goal range and scored.  

The tackles have the slowest feet in the history of college football and can’t handle an outside speed rush even when they know it’s coming. 

Trey needs a minimum of three deep throws a game thrown to him. 

Whip needs to admit his play calling was off this game and figure it out better for next week.


Defense did good but the Rutgers offense is atrocious.  

A win is a win and winning ugly is  better than losing pretty.  

I thought the exact same thing about the timeout usage. They were praising the clock management on Hail Varsity podcast this AM and I thought it was weird. Those three timeouts should have been saved. Made no sense to me. Especially with our history in games like this when the defense needs to make a stand

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4 hours ago, HANC said:

Do you mean Big time Booster, when you refer to higher ups? They control everything!!! That is why SF was here (although he could have basically named his spot after UCF), they are why he survived last year, and now they are why Trev was finally allowed to pull the trigger 

They are also a big reason why we are building new facilities and have NIL money etc. Gotta take the bad with the good

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12 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Maybe Nebraska and their fans (including me) has to accept that there is nothing wrong with wins the in conference, especially on the road, no matter how they happen.  There is a long ways to go for NU this season and beyond, but this is a type of win that other Big Ten teams get lauded for. 

I have to agree with this. Everything about the team’s performance screamed loss but yet we won. A win is a win no matter how ugly, especially considering our recent string of one score losses. I should be pumped for the W but it still feels like the other shoe is about to drop. I guess it might take a minute to get used to winning some of these type games.

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Might be worth trying Chancellor Brewington at fullback to help out the offensive line so Grant has someone blocking for him.


Brewington's strength is blocking and he can run short routes good enough to help in the pass game as well.


Another package might make it tougher on opposing defenses.

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