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What players leave after the season? 2022/23 version

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I think we are going to lose quite a few players.


The Mickey situation is only gonna make it worse. I think the players really love him and he’s a great recruiter.


One could argue that our many of best players this year came from the portal. I think we have the resources to do that again.


Losing high ranked croots sucks…but that’s what happens when you have to fire your coach. Luckily there is still time until signing day to get some of them back? And there are always more croots 


Losing young talent on the roster def hurts.


Losing older players….we are a 3-4 win team. I guess I’m just not that worried about it. 

We are in a full rebuild. It’s gonna sting for a bit.

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This program is needing a complete rebuild and I do not blame any players that want to leave after the toxic culture that was exposed this year. The head coach that recruited them was fired and many learned after the fact (if they did not already know while he was still the coach) that Frost had issues with the bottle.  They then come to trust and appreciate the interim head coach who they loved and find out he is arrested for attacking his wife. If my son were in such a program I would fully support him looking elsewhere to get a fresh start, and I imagine we will see even more players test the portal.  


The best way to retain some of the defensive players is to hire a stud defensive coordinator that gets them excited about the new direction of the program.  

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