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Are there three wins left on the schedule?


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Just now, Jeremy said:

Gawd, I forgot we were up 2 scores. Ugh.


You have a point, but they just seem like they're struggling a lot more this year. Their offensive line actually looks worse than ours if that's possible

I guess what I am saying is that even the best Iowa teams...are horrible.  It takes NU being at all time lows for Iowa to have a chance to win.

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23 minutes ago, teachercd said:

It is the Big Ten West...yes there are 3 wins left.  They can win out except for Michigan.

A few weeks ago people thought Minny was amazing and we found out when PJ doesn't have his 10th year RB that he is trying to murder that they suck.


PU has a QB that is a fragile as most of the posters in game day prayer thread.


Wisconsin can't find the endzone


Illinois just lost their QB


Iowa can't beat SDSU




The bolded part is hilarious. 

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8 minutes ago, Hilltop said:

I agree with others above- I don't see how CT can hold up to what is about to happen to him during the next 6 games.  I feel bad for him honestly.  

Bingo.  Our run defense is in for a treat as well.  It may be some demoralizing football upcoming, but it could be an opportunity to develop some grit for a change as well. 

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Based purely on the opponents, there are 5 “possible” wins left. Based on reality, I think we’ll be damn lucky to win 1 or 2 more.


As others have alluded to, we’re about to get some players seriously killed, which will further strain our complete lack of any depth, and that will impact our already limited chances of beating any of these teams. Wiscy and Iowa may be down but that doesn’t mean we’ll magically play any better than we’ve shown we’re capable of.

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 Unfortunately, I just don’t see it. As acknowledged on many talkshows yesterday, we basically beat the two worst teams in the Big Ten, and one was a struggle. With our inept offensive line, we will not farewell against Illinois, Iowa, Michigan. Our defense is playing better, but showed that they still have tendencies that cannot be fixed in a short period of time. Purdue, Minnesota, Michigan all have an offense that will expose. That leaves Wisconsin, and we all know that we will make their running back look like a Heisman finalist

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I just popped over to look at the Big 10 stats and had no idea how horrible Iowa was.


Six games into the season and they are dead last in every offensive category. At 238 total yards a game they are 100 yards worse than the next worst team, Rutgers. That must be miserable to watch. We consider Nebraska's OL a disaster, but we're a mid-pack offensive team at 415 yards a game, about 40 yards behind Michigan. 


But the Huskers are definitely trolling the bottom of all Big 10 defensive stats. I'm going to take the last two second halves as signs of meaningful improvement, but I think our chances the rest of the season are going to hinge on the defense not forcing the offense to play from behind. 

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7 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

But the Huskers are definitely trolling the bottom of all Big 10 defensive stats.


Bit of an asterisk next to that, though:


Yards allowed under Frost:

Northwestern: 527

North Dakota: 306

Georgia Southern: 642


Yards allowed under Mickey:

Oklahoma: 580

Indiana: 290

Rutgers: 348


Points allowed under Frost:

Northwestern: 31

North Dakota: 17

Georgia Southern: 45


Points allowed under Mickey:

Oklahoma: 49

Indiana: 21

Rutgers: 13






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