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*** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

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Just now, Nebhawk said:

Our Defense is just what it is at this point.  Our offense is not helping when they need to .  Run Yant some, and then maybe come back to Grant.  Grant is not seeing and hitting the hole right now.  Run more zone read......not that hard.  Just run more zone read.

The offense needs to score points. It can’t bother with trying to milk clock. 

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1 minute ago, ColoradoHusk said:

When the D wasn’t good to begin with and lacked any type of depth, it’s not going to take much to be bad again. 

One huge (of several with the F###T years) issues was complete lack of development of talent and depth.  The B1G you need a solid 2 deep.  Very seldom do teams stay healthy.


Like that run from the 3 yard line.  At least Whip learned from last trip at he 4 yard line.

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Just now, Archy1221 said:

Busch better sell out with pressure on every snap.   Who the eff cares if they break a long one because if he doesn’t Purdue will just bleed the clock out.   

I can't plus 1 this enough.  Bring the house.  If we are going to play man, then knock the receiver on their a$$ at the LOS.  Make them earn those dink and dunk yards.  

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