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B1G week 9er (walkie-talkie time!)

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5 hours ago, admo said:

See the source image


Ohio State at Penn State - 11AM

Rutgers at Minnesota - 1:30PM

Illinois at Nebraska - 2:30PM

Northwestern at Iowa - 2:30PM

Michigan State at Michigan - 6:30PM


Some good games this weekend. Curious to see how PSU does.

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2 hours ago, nic said:

Some good games this weekend. Curious to see how PSU does.

Yes it is a very good slate of games across the board.


You know, I used to get excited when I would see Ohio State playing PSU or Wisconsin or a really good Michigan State team...... and then the Buckeyes would murder them.  Very similar to Alabama, when the opponent on paper looks like a good game, it's not.  Fortunately, we saw Tennessee rock Alabama which gives a little bitty bit of hope that maybe some of these big games will be close, and not lopsided.

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On 10/30/2022 at 9:40 PM, Mavric said:


The last decade this rivalry has gotten worse. I worry more about players getting out of heathy. If you read some of the MSU boards they blame Harbaugh, but I saw him on the field after the game separating players. There is talk on M boards of doing away with an annual game once the new format starts with USC and UCLA. They would rather pick up UCLA, Nebraska or Minnesota as their protected game. 

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It was a brawl, like jacked up youngsters do.  Felony charges?  No, no matter what the video look like.  Dial it back to when you were under 22... It was a figgin brawl.  Violent yes, but still an altercation/fight that came to blows with helmets, football pads and whatever. 


And for all young dudes who instigate, you need to stop talking trash and posting up.  s#!t is going to go down and now it will be felony charges against you and everyone involved.  So be prepared to deal with it. 


Years and years ago it was pushing and shoving, some fighting and trading blows.  Now it is criminal charges, and you will see the repercussions from it.  

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