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What did we learn? Illinois

Red Five

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6 minutes ago, Packerhuskerfan said:

I learned our backup QB Purdy looks like he can't play at the college level.  The drop between a No. 1 and No. 2 QB at the college level should not be that drastic.   The dude has no arm strength or accuracy.  

And i wondered why he portaled his way to Lincoln. When Thompson signed on, I thought no way Purdy comes too. Turns out Purdy had no other options. I can’t remember why we liked him in the first place. 

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3 minutes ago, krc1995 said:

And i wondered why he portaled his way to Lincoln. When Thompson signed on, I thought no way Purdy comes too. Turns out Purdy had no other options. I can’t remember why we liked him in the first place. 

Purdy was recruited by Whipple out of high school. They know each other from living in the Phoenix area. Whipple thought Purdy could play. He was wrong. 

5 minutes ago, Stone Cold said:

Best we can do now is 7-5 if we can somehow pull something out our a$$ with Michigan.  But its unlikey will win any more than 1 more game before the end of the season.  This sucks, we should win, we lost for all the wrong reasons.  

I am confused by your last sentence. What do you even mean? NU continues to lose because it’s low on talent and it’s poorly coached. 

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I didn't learn anything about the team.  I doubt the coaches.  I doubt the players.  I doubt the admin.  I doubt Trev.  They all suck.  I don't want to hear anymore about Mickey.  He's a fraud just like the rest of them.  So called elite recruiter.  Well it appears to me he's recruited garbage, which is about all this dead and shameful program deserves.  


Anyone who takes two weeks to prepare and results in that effort.  Nah...you're a terrible coach just like the last jacka$$


The hilarious thing is I didn't watch a single snap.  I can look just the sacoreline...no box score...and tell exactly how things went. 


Bad coaches coaching bad players led by bad leaders. 



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I learned that Thompson has an excellent case against his OL if he sues them for attempted assault. They protected him like a hawk protects an injured rabbit. I refuse to believe that you can’t coach these guys to play better. They have been playing football for years now. In the blocked point after, one of the OL did not even move or attempt to block. The level of play is beyond pathetic. The defense played well enough for us to win. The offense did absolutely nothing. They had 12 yards in third quarter at home to Illinois. I wonder what Tom Osborne thinks about the state of the Huskers now. For those of us who witnessed the 80 and 90s, the state of the Huskers now is beyond painful. Makes you wish you were an ostrich.

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This game was the worst of the day, boring, unwatchable. Sad for fans that pack the stadium.

Mickey took a hit today. He didn’t really get anything out of the team. Looked like a Frost coached team. 
The hate on Whipple is too much IMO, not sure any OC can shine this turd with the worst OL in P5.

The in game thread wanted to run the ball but there was no where for Grant to run as our OL is awful.

This offense is most effective moving CT out of the pocket to try to make throws. Yes that sucks but that is all we have!

We have no backup QB. To see a backup at Kansas ball out vs what we have is disheartening.

The defense continues to suck. The DL is slow and stiff, no athleticism or agility maybe outside of Nelson, on either line.

The LBs are the slowest in the B1G. 
Newsome is a bright spot on a mediocre secondary but the front 7 gives the secondary no help, the front 7 to me is more of the problem than a worn out secondary having to cover and tackle in space because the front 7 rarely gets pressure or gets the ball carrier down at first contact.


This is a burn it down rebuild. It better be a serious P5 experienced coach or Deion. Deion will be a P5 coach and it could be Auburn here soon. The laughing can stop because currently we are the laughingstock. We need someone that can get top players here and then develop them into elite players. Deion checks the first box better than most, developing players and competing in the  B1G is the question. We need to get the best coach and staff to meet this requirement. Anything short of this is a complete failure.

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