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Apparel change?

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I look at the top 10 every year, near the end of the year and it's always filled with Nike schools. Even now. Tennessee switched from Adidas to Nike I believe in either 2015/2016. Is it time for Nebraska to join the club and become a Nike school? Adidas makes up 28% of CFB teams while Nike is well over 50% and Under Armour is a distant 3rd.


I know, I know, apparel brand is the least of this programs problems but isn't it time to move on to Air Jordan or Nike? Considering how our NIL brand is and will be solid in the years to come, along with the new facility, and soon reconstruction of Memorial, a brand change could be necessary. In order to hire a successful coach and staff, I also believe that Nike swoop logo is more lucrative for NIL, recruits, and our present student athletes in the long run.


Is it still too late for Suh to build a NIKE Town in Lincoln? This is something that is overlooked and we have to get with it. I think young athletes today have a preference when it comes to apparel.

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3 hours ago, Archy1221 said:

Aren’t we basically in off-season mode already based on the dumpster fire the fans have been treated too so far. 


I've been treating this like a weird pseudo-season. Like I'm still watching, but a lot more detached than usual because it doesn't really matter.

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I love Michigan's BIG NUMBERS on their jerseys....  Texas does it too... Several other teams as well.  


Our big a$$ lineman have these little numbers and they look ridiculous IMO.


And if Michigan can change it up and wear Blue Jerseys and Blue Pants, why can't the Huskers go all read at times? 


f#&% the stripes on the Husker pants.  And The red face mask screams progressive 1980s.... 


The point is (before yall run-the-ball fans jump on my a$$) if we are going to do a rebuild (definitely needed) then you got to rebuild EVERYTHING.  


Tell adidas to go f#&% themselves, pay the money and switch to Nike.  Time to stop holding onto the past and if the resources are so great, then JUST DO IT buddy.


(on record, I love adidas shoes and sweats, but I hate every football uniform they do with every football team, and not just NU)

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54 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:

I bet if we work at it we can go back and forth and make this thread as long as the head coach thread.  Come on, we suck so bad, if we switch to Nike it will make us better?!?





Many have become doubtful of Nike's academic standards after that Coach K tweet thingy:  "You can't spell 'championship' without K" I think it said or some such (Krzyzewski bristled but smiled for the money..er, cameras).

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