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I’m so sad and disappointed right now, I actually feel like crying.

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25 minutes ago, Spacer said:

Maybe Trev already spoke with a bunch of different coaches... maybe those four were the only one's showing true interest; while the other names said "I'll get back to 'ya"

The possibilities are endless. 

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10 minutes ago, HANC said:

I too would prefer a few names on your list over the initial 4 that are rumored.  But, I also would have those guys in my top 20?  I will also say that I am not sure we can "get anyone we want"....that ship sailed about the year 2000.  Money is not the issue for some of these guys.  Prime Time is not hurting for $$, just like Urban is not eating beans either.  I also am not sure I want a coach here ONLY because we offered him a large amount of money.  That guy could easily just go through the motions and cash a check, and at the end of the day walk away with a big fat buyout.  How about a guy who WANTS to be here !!!

You get what you pay for in this world (if you’re lucky).


Urban commands at least $12 million and I’ve no doubt we cheaped out. Same with the other guys on my list.

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3 minutes ago, M.A. said:

Not all were in favor of the previous coach being hired. Some were highly criticized for being opposed to the hiring.


All said, I think that Trev is being incredibly thorough and doing everything in his power to get us the best coaching option possible. 

I think Trev is in over his head and was the wrong hire for AD.

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21 minutes ago, The Whale said:

We must not have been willing to meet his salary ask.

LOL....If that is the case, I am glad.... I am sure he would pour his heart and soul into the program....smh... He wants to be a Husker so badly that he is "demanding" so much $, we can't oblige... It is been very highly publicized that we are willing to pay extremely high prices, yet under your premise, he wont come here.


A guy who was surrounded by controversy at his last ncaa gig, was an epic failure and laughing stock at the Jags (including controversy and horrible results) wont accept the amount of $$ we offer.....LOL.....keep convincing yourself that it "our" fault he isn't the next coach.... It can't be that he isn't that interested??

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9 minutes ago, The Whale said:

I think Trev is in over his head and was the wrong hire for AD.


I’m going to have to disagree with that.


Things aren’t always as they seem. I do get how he might seem suspect after what we’ve experienced with other AD’s. 

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