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Should've Mickey Joseph sent Mark Whipple packing?

husker rob

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If Trey Palmer is the only wide receiver on the football team that had caught a td pass all season then that's a huge problem in my eyes. I can honestly say that Whipple's offense isn't meant for Nebraska not bc I don't like it but its not great for the qb or the o-line bc they actually need time for the play to develop in order to actually get yards. Now that I think about it Whipple should have enough experience to make things easier on the offense and he hasn't. I hate the play calling and hate how their isn't much wide receivers catching td passes or passes in general.  I also hate how our line sucks and we try to run north to south and no quick tosses to actually make defenses guessing. I hope Whipple retires after the season and we go get a offense and defense coordinator that knows what they are doing or smart enough to switch things up and pay them great.

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8 hours ago, admo said:

So he is feeling ok?


That's news to me.  They said many times that Mickey was calling plays in 2nd half and he didn't even need a play sheet (Davis and RGIII).  But then again, we only had a few meaningful series after halftime because the Husker defense couldn't stop Michigan.  And the offense sputtered (penalties, dropped passes, bad snaps, no rhythm) 

Mickey said he was in the box after half in the post game presser.

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