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Prime Time!!! - Deion Sanders Hired as Colorado Head Coach

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I'm extremely skeptical. If there's as much smoke as they claim, this would be being reported by more reputable outlets. I'd lean on the side that these dudes are looking for clicks and views. 


That said, if Nebraska can't hit a home run with Urban, Chris Peterson or another proven winner, I'd be 100000% on board with Prime. 

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Zac Smith said he was 98 percent sure he was coming here. Now I may not like him for doing that to his wife but you have to think that he does still have friends in the college football world. He even said people may see this as click bait you can take it for what he is. Either you believe him or don't. For me I do think that it is a possibility that we could get him.  It would be a game changer.

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The OP also started a thread in September saying Aranda was the next coach. So pardon me if I take a dump over this BS rumor, especially for posting a video of a scumbag human being like Zach Smith and giving him more clicks. 

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