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*** Official Michigan Game Thread ***


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12 minutes ago, huskerfan74 said:

I completely agree with cornbred. You are indeed a manchild who enjoys being a keyboard warrior. Also, I do not give a crap what you think of my posts. If you don’t like them, don’t read them or just block me which is what I am going to do next.

Lol u too think a coach playing his starters in the 3rd only up 14 is sacrilegious? Lol, for f#&%s sake, I thought this fan base was at least knowledgeable, do we not have that to cling on to anymore?

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2 minutes ago, SouthLincoln Husker said:

1. Good Recruiting.

2.  He wants to be here & understands culture & toughness.

3. These guys are playing harder for him.

4. Being from LSU & brother being a pro coach, there is avenue for good asst. coaches.


It's my opinion that we need to clean out the strength & condition staff.

Points 1 through 3 are purely speculation. If they decide to keep him I can only hope you're right. I like the positivity. 

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Just now, TGHusker said:

Yep.  You and I agree on much (Chadwell for example).  It is far past the time for Nebraska to return to being Nebraska.  We cannot compete in the B1G with a finesse team. 

I hope whoever Trev hires, that toughness is at the center of his philosophy.   Of all of the years of being able to win the west, this was it but Frost drunk the opportunity away it appears.   

I agree with you.  Again.  I'd still like to see Chadwell on staff. TBH, HC wouldn't bother me.  Throw $2million as OC (I know folks say he won't come).  But with his version of the option, he runs triple, RPO, inside/outside zone etc...And add in some draws and counters and you have an O that can cause issues and is built "run first".  The past few years he's more run that pass, but usually in the 60/40 range.  But it's not so much that he "runs", but that they run effectively.  


NU has lost its luster as a bruising team that just betas teams into submission.  The whole NU can't go back to that is BS.  Wisky still does it.  Iowa has no offense and the D still kicks peoples teeth in.  Michigan today.  Bama, Clemson etc....What we lack in stars we can close the distance by simply being tougher and meaner.

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This sums up NU. This is what we are lacking.  Who is the "one" or the "nine".....Recruit and develop to get the one and the nine.....


“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”


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1 hour ago, gossamorharpy said:

Lol, said head coach was only up 14 when u made that comment.  Have some accountability, you’re getting all worked up because Harbaugh leaves his starters on the field in the 3rd quarter which literally every head coach would do.  

I get it, you’re frustrated just as much as I am at how s#!tty this progrum is but your lack of football knowledge is really showing with this piss poor take of yours. Some advice, just turn the tv off and try to enjoy a Saturday instead of acting like a 3 year old

You are right about that.  Don't see anything to complain about with Michigan's substitutions. Harbaugh kept the starters in in the 3rd up by two scores.  So what.    He waited until the game was safely put away (Michigan lost a 16 point lead in the 3rd quarter against an underdog Michigan State last year) and then he emptied the bench in the 4th quarter.  Like any coach would have done.

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1 hour ago, huskerfan74 said:

I really feel bad for the fans who travel to see this s#!tshow


I was there.  Husker fans took it in stride.  Best, most loyal fans in the Big 10.   It's because of those loyal fans that the program will be great again some day.   None other than Urban Meyer said as much.

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27 minutes ago, Hooked on Huskers said:


Following Saturday, Mertz will becomes a Heisman type guy.

maybe, but was he a freshman when Wisky was still an adidas school? uniform similarity might really mess him up! I would focus on that. Dress Big Red as close to UWs home unis as possible. we can do that. he won't figure out who to throw it to.

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