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New Head Coaching Staff Selections (Coordinators)

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4 minutes ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

If Raiola is retained as the coach, we are all going to find out what type of recruiter he is and the longer this whole thing with MJ drags out IMO do not think he will be part of the staff. You would think its a bang bang I'm in it to win it.

Mickey has been connected to a couple of open head coaching positions at smaller schools. I think now that asu is off the board, once the Tulsa job is also off the table (they seem to be leaning towards Incarnate Word coach GJ Kinne) things will start to be more finalized as to weather Mickey stays. 


Though I think it would take a salary bump of $50-100k and I don't know if Rhule is going to give Mickey the highest paying contract for a non coordinator position on the staff when he is bringing in so many of his old coaches.


And honestly, Trev didn't exactly make it easy to keep Mickey. Nebraska has given Rhule a $7M pool to hire 10 guys. 2 of those guys are going to take a million plus off the top as coordinators. Leaving about $5.5 million for the other 8 assistants. Is Rhule going to give Mickey $800k when the average salary for those 8 guys is going to be around $680k? I don't know.


If Trev thought keeping Mickey was a priority that pool would be $7.5 million not $7 million. That extra $500k would have made it easier for Rhule to keep Mickey and not have to think twice about it.

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Just a guess but Rhule may be giving Mickey a few days to decide on possible HC jobs elsewhere.  If not, may keep MJ in some role.  I am hopeful Busch gets a job in the AD somewhere.  May need another interim coach somewhere.  He can coach anyone anywhere. Probably be a good HC too.   He has said he wants to stay around Nebraska - if not as a coach or analyst.  Maybe a Chef or Uber?   He loves Nebraska.  

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