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New Head Coaching Staff Selections (Coordinators)

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40 minutes ago, Mavric said:


Yep.  After a short playing career as a QB in Canada, he's been at Temple for the last 10 years.  One year as WR coach then several years as Director of Player Development and now an assistant again for the past five years working with QBs and WRs.


But it sounds like he'll be a recruiting staffer here.


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3 hours ago, runningblind said:



Fickell has his DC. There doesn't appear to be a job for Leonhard in Madison, so he can say he wants to stay there all he likes but it probably won't with out. I sincerely doubt the Packers would hire him.

I would love for us to get Leonhard. I am surprised Wisconsin is moving on from him.  But Fickell probably doesn’t want divided loyalties. Their loss, our gain. Knows the B1G and is one of the best DC’s in the B1G.  We need to elevate this program with big hires like this. I will be disappointed if we retain Raiola and whiff on DC. Raiola is only here due to his Nebraska family ties and the chance to recruit his nephew. Seriously would anyone else have hired him?  This is amateur hour stuff. He should be out and someone like Leonhard in. Let’s get going!  

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6 minutes ago, runningblind said:

So he took a demotion, or the Cincy guy did,  to become co-coordinator. Interesting.

Leonhard and his family obviously must love Madison, but this also gives him 1 year to work on his wife about moving away from Madison, so he can get a head coaching job somewhere or go back to being a DC on his own again.  Having a year to think about the future is a lot easier than figuring out things over the course of 1 week.

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20 hours ago, macroboy said:

That's a good keep by Fickell. Would have been cool to get Leonhard here.


Very nice way for Fickell to start his tenure, he'll have the typical tough Wiscy defense and his offense can only be better than the Mertz-led crap seen this season. If Wiscy makes good portal acquisitions on O they'll be a tough team. 

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