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What Did We Learn - Wisconsin

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1 minute ago, Cornbred said:

I think Nelson is the least of our worries 

Meh. Everyone said he would be a bright spot for a down year.  No one thought the lines would be serviceable.   It shows how awful this team is if Nelson is your guy.  He gets a pass because he is  Nebraska kid

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8 minutes ago, gossamorharpy said:

We didn’t learn jack s#!t because it was the same tired story once again.  While there are many on the field reasons as to why we r a complete embarrassment, the biggest culprit, to me, is the simple fact that the vast majority of this roster and coaches are stuck in a loser mentality.


We continually get shredded by back ups whether it be qbs or rbs. We knew Wisconsin could only run the ball and did absolutely nothing about it.  

I cannot recall the last time our offense, defense and special teams all showed up on gameday. Fair catching f’n punts when Wisconsin punt coverage isn’t within 10 yards, minimal Urgency offensively to add points or win the game of field position, and defensively, we are quite possibly the slowest, least athletic team defensively in the country. 

good luck to the next coach. I feel sorry for the fans who were freszing their asses off in 15 degree whether to witness this ineptitude. I hope boos were ringing down to the field, this team doesn’t deserve the support they get week in and week out.

2 of their biggest plays were passes. They could do more than just run. While I agree the mentality needs to be changed, nobody purposely wants to lose.

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Not one player, after watching their collective work over 11 games would start at another B1G school.

MJ is not a HC.

We quit against the worst Wisky team since joining the B1G.

We easily have the worst OL in P5

We have no offensive identity

Whip is a complete a$$ clown

Not one guy on the 2 deep on OL would be here next year

I have never seen a more complete sh!t show of a team than ours.  They continue to find new ways to lose

End the BS sellout streak.  

The hire better be a homerun or this program is in the irrelevant territory and never coming back

What HC would want to come here that is currently at a successful program


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Just now, Hayseed said:

We need to get a new coach in here and start over. Any head coach who thinks this offense style is adequate shouldn't be coaching.

I will say I really wanted to believe in your prediction. Nebraska is one of the worst teams in the power 5 offensively and defensively. Please Nebraska go pay the money to go get a great coach with a great staff with a great strength and conditioning coach.  This is embarrassing to even lose by one point. 

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I learned the time is now for Deion.  This program is the doormat of college football, losing culture, fake sellout streak, terrible in all aspects. But for whatever reason we have all these resources, fans, and support. We need someone who will flip the switch and get this team playing passionate high-stepping fun football again. No we are not going to have a fantastic record next year but Deion would bring the excitement back. That is sorely sorely needed.  The roster would get a full and needed makeover. Just do this. We go from the worst team and an utter nightmare to being the most exciting story in CFB. 

We are at the bottom, we have nothing to lose. 4 years $30 million for Prime, change the direction and culture NOW.

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