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What Did We Learn - Wisconsin

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15 minutes ago, Hagg said:


Doing that has NOT helped previous games.  Unless you want to say that we could have been beaten by more points.  Etc.

The angry Nebraska hating football god/gods have no time for your prayers. Only poor offensive line play and cruel last minute implosions. 

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18 minutes ago, Decked said:

The angry Nebraska hating football god/gods have no time for your prayers. Only poor offensive line play and cruel last minute implosions. 


Well see, you've highlighted the problem:  As I read it that prayer thread seems to be directed at one god thingy in particular.   Just one.  The ones being left out are quite angry indeed, it appears. 

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1 hour ago, irafreak said:

I've learned that fans will demand the sellout streak to end in a desperate hope to feel some kind of control. The team sucks and has sucked for years...you know who hasn't sucked? The fans. Give up the sellout streak? Yeah let's suck too. That'll show em.



Fair point.



It's the only connection we have to bridge the abyss from former glory, to the next run of glory. 

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Dr. Tom:  "Well, how did we do against that 5 - 5 Wisconsin team?


L'l Red:  "65 rushing yards."


Dr. Tom:  "We must have passed for a bundle."


Lil Red:  "106 passing yards." 


Dr. Tom:  "My gosh.  We must have won by very little.  Well, a win is a win."


L'il Red:  "Go back to sleep, sir."

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16 hours ago, lo country said:

Not one player, after watching their collective work over 11 games would start at another B1G school.

MJ is not a HC.

We quit against the worst Wisky team since joining the B1G.

We easily have the worst OL in P5

We have no offensive identity

Whip is a complete a$$ clown

Not one guy on the 2 deep on OL would be here next year

I have never seen a more complete sh!t show of a team than ours.  They continue to find new ways to lose

End the BS sellout streak.  

The hire better be a homerun or this program is in the irrelevant territory and never coming back

What HC would want to come here that is currently at a successful program


E. Hausman could start somewhere.  He's getting better with more playing time.  If he sticks around he is going to be a good one for Nebraska 

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10 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:

I’ll admit. 

This loss pissed me off more than any of them this year. 


I reached that point in the second half against Minnesota. After blowing that game, I'm just looking forward to whomever is the head coach and next year. Any positive thing that happens this year is just gravy. Like figuring out Hauseman is going to be great if he continues developing like he's been.

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I get that we are in a tougher part of the schedule, but I don't get how the offense could be THAT much worse compared to the beginning of the season.  Both Grant and Palmer looked like they were going to have special seasons at one point. Palmer looked like he was going to set NE WR records by a mile and now probably won't break a 1000. We can't run for positive yards anymore up the middle.  Even if Thompson hadn't gotten injured, it feels like we'd maybe have just one more win.

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